Series: Bleed Necklace: The Body Undone From Its Error


  • we were given a space for stillness after
    having known only that blood
    not breath was to come in and out of our mouths

    but the body is given always
    to tear itself anew
    from the trees

    then what was the tongue for?
    worm or grub – muscle to twang
    and to taste the ground’s riches

    we had eaten what we knew
    we had drunk what was known of us
    we had not asked for the light of any other sun

    but to be overcome with foliage
    our eyes dim with sufficiency

    and yet the afternoon
    expected our arrival

    beneath the scalpel of daylight

    to know something of ourselves
    as distinguishable words

    a lake given to wind
    given to the glittering reflections
    of the sun

  • 18" x 14"
  • Oil pastel and color pencil on paper
  • 2016