Saint Astrophant
  • Saint Astrophant

  • Tang astrophant of gloss fractures
    woven-over nose sock for spigot
    breakfast hoof hatches of robin egg
    toe toward the spatial body system
    orbit us

    one spring at neck and an august jaw
    circumnavigate us

    this cellular holding echoes the image
    echoes with mineral expanding planets and sonar soundings
    we large as aluminum, Afghanistan, and poppy leg
    forget us

    what sees you per se is a society, the general we
    at loggerheads broach the opaque circumference jewels
    what we hear at days end is cologne over foul moss
    a penny pile armor
    return to us

    we entreat you bring sun to man and his animal
    so in tumbling entry streak a fire and down
    the extinct dumbdom king and his corn chains
    burn us - - Whoosh!
    by Adrian Kien

  • 6" x 4"
  • Oil pastel and color pencil on paper
  • 2007