Saint Mark’s Own-What-He-Owns
  • Saint Mark’s Own-What-He-Owns

  • My over-the-head concussion
    My christ-muscle cabinet
    My only-jab-hand and night-nurse
    My crescent-nostril-Luke up-in-the sky
    My come-apart blood-limes eye
    My one-ounce-bone stirrups where saddle-sores
    My minus-two minus-three minus-one mouse-in-shoes go-home
    My hiccup-farmer some-trout-change
    My long-flame-kidney trailer-comet bring-me-home-umbilicus-'cane
    My linen-in-lungs falls-apart skirt
    My over-the-skull moose-fracture-pattern
    My under-the-armor hair-tournament-troops
    My bite-the-head-off-ant-queens Man-Man-Man
    My once-and-future NICE-BULLET -ta-da-ta-da

  • 6" x 4"
  • Oil pastel and color pencil on paper
  • 2007