Series: Town among Yellow

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In the evening / In the morning

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“On all sides the silence is unharmed” 

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To speak of chronology this way

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The shape of winter is in the summer / How the chimney now leans

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The 10,000 year event / Was never meant for us / To endure

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Finally, they pulled his mattress out into the living room

Thumbnail: Carrefour

Carrefour (Atlantic)

Thumbnail: North Main

Lilacs emerge slowly with the precision that is their due.

Thumbnail: Interlude I

An orange line where his neck skin

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House incarnate / House in carnage ...

Thumbnail: Bell St - Big

The windows of her house look outward...

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A record of vacancy

Thumbnail: Wyoming West

And these were the day’s aftertaste /  Some sheets and a bible left on the rooftop

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Sky won't

Thumbnail: Wyoming Anaconda Copper

She is happy / Wind pulls the wires / Across the roof

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“On the same ruinous path, down into the Void.”

Thumbnail: Galena

Is there a street without the language which spoke it?

Thumbnail: Arizona Ave

The siding falls off one corroded nail at a time

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What had spoke

Thumbnail: Pacific

Hiding under the porch, watching the mailman come ...

Thumbnail: N Idaho

It’s been determined to let you go.

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He said they used to set a box on fire ...

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She holds your hand

Thumbnail: Franklin

Tug apples off ...

Thumbnail: Alaska 1

In the yard a crockpot of stew congeals / In the seat of the chair / Where he used to sit in the sun

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Sometimes he’d get lost in the (living) room

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How long has it been / Since you allowed yourself to just go / On and on?

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Leaf through / The album of yellow days

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They found a petrified cat in the transom window sill

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Paw prints on the window where the cat ...

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That neverending day.

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Muttering to the window about sand before it was glass

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“The silence in the stone grows enormous” Georg Trakl

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