Web Developer

I love to create beautiful, usable applications with Javascript and things like Angular.js, Backbone.js, HTML5 Canvas and Ruby on Rails. I fell in love with code when I bought my first HTML book in 2003. I thought it was fascinating that you could build web sites by using Notepad and reading some DIY books. It's a profession for self-taught, independent thinkers and I am proud to be a part of it.

Currently I work with the good people at Visual Chefs. I am primarily responsible for front-end work: HTML, CSS, Javascript. I also develop and integrate with various web frameworks and CMSs: from Ruby on Rails to Django to ExpressionEngine.

Current and Previous Selected Projects

  • client

    Pearson ERPI

    Node.js & HTML5 canvas web application

    Educational web application used to teach elementary and middle school students French language comprehension and math. Used in classrooms via an interactive SMART Board. Javascript, Node.js, Backbone.js, HTML5 Canvas.

    my role
    • Architecting the application
    • Developing application with Fabric.js (HTML canvas library), Express (Node.js), Backbone.js, Jade templates
    • Developing and documenting JSON API
    • Working closely with client to develop functionality inline with business needs
  • client


    Central Diagnostic System (CDS) Web Application

    Web application for MotivePower that receives, stores and displays data from the Central Diagnostics System (CDS). CDS monitors locomotive location, status and fleet diagnostics in real-time. Ruby on Rails, Backbone.js.

    my role
    • Developing the front-end of application using Backbone.js
    • Interactive charts
    • Integrating with Ruby on Rails backend
    • HTML, ERB & Eco Templates, Sass
  • client

    Friesen Gallery


    Website for high-end gallery that integrates with their art management system, Artlogic. Responsive design, powered by Django.

    my role
    • Developing script to integrate artworks and artists in JSON Feeds from Artlogic
    • Developing website with Django
  • Speak For the Trees


    Beautiful website showcasing Speak For The Trees, an inspiring and powerful publication featuring work from 76 important artists from around the world. Site powered by ExpressionEngine and integrates with the ecommerce platform FoxyCart.

    my role
    • Developing site with ExpressionEngine
    • Integrating FoxyCart to facilitate ecommerce
    • HTML, CSS from Photoshop mockups


  • Javascript

    Experience developing javascript applications with Backbone.js, Node.js, Angular.js, Gulp.js and Coffeescript (although on that point I am not totally convinced)


    With a preference for Jade and Sass. Standards-compliant code that is compatible with modern browsers and responsive to tablet and mobile devices

  • Web Application Frameworks/
    CMS Implementation

    Ruby on Rails, Django, ExpressionEngine, WordPress

  • Databases

    MySQL, PostgreSQL and NoSQL (MongoDB)

  • Version control


  • Adobe Creative

    Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

  • Email Campaigns

    Managing email campaigns with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor